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Reduce Trash Expenses by at least 20% with Smash-It Service Miami

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Reduce Trash Expenses by at least 20% with Smash-It Service Miami

Reduce Trash Expenses by at least 20% with Smash-It Miami

Like it or not, waste management costs tend to be going up and up, and no matter how you try to reduce your trash expenses it just seems you are paying more and more. Is there a solution? Yes, and it’s called Smash It. If you are in Broward County or Dade County, you can save up to a minimum of 20 percent 80 and up to a full 80 percent disposing of your container waste.

So how exactly can Smash-It service reduce your waste expenses?

The vast majority of waste servicing companies charge in one of two different ways.

#1 By the number of haul-offs

A typical waste services haul in Florida may be as little as $350 to as much as $800. So the fewer trips your waste management hauling system has to make, the more that you save. But the plain fact is that a great deal of trash is merely wasted space. Say you have a dumpster full of broken and damaged wooden pallets. Overall, they do not weigh too much, but those pallets take up a lot of space in your dumpster quickly. With Smash-It Service Miami, we send a relatively low carbon truck to your site, and the trucks are equipped with special smash tools in order to crush those pallets into taking perhaps 20 percent of the dumpster space they took before crushing. As a consequence, a company that tends to fill their dumpsters up fast, for example, a construction company, can perhaps save up to three hauling expenses a week. And that’s serious money that can well be used elsewhere.

#2 By weight

The other means of charging is by the ton. You might think that since you are being charged by the ton, not by the trip, that your trash expenses are limited. But just as a dumpster filled with pallets takes up a lot of space, so there is a great deal of air within every object within your dumpster. By crushing all of your waste into sawdust or other biodegradables, you not only save money but your staff has to spend significantly less time managing space in your dumpsters.

A proven technology

One thing that potential customers ask about is whether Smash-It Miami is some kind of pie in the sky, new age environmental dream. And the answer is clearly no. Smash-IT has been in business since 2011, and its specially designed smash-it vehicles have been offering companies significant savings for many years. But don’t take our word for it. Smash-IT is happy to bring one of their vehicles to your operational site and provide an actual demonstration of how it works. And as part of their demonstration, the company will bring plenty of real-world statistics as to how your neighboring Florida companies have saved thousands per year on their waste using the companies technology. Whether you are in business in manufacturing, construction, medical, logistics or run waste management for a municipality, the company can save you money.

Saving the environment

For many companies, it’s not enough to save money on their waste services, important as saving money can be. But the words out that climate change and lowering CO2 emissions is vitally important, particularly in Florida. Most scientists and environmental experts believe that tropical storms are getting worse and worse in Florida and that rising temperatures will cause more inland flooding, the destruction of vital coral reefs, and an acceleration of the number of very unpleasant days. Most companies are on board to eliminate their CO2 creation as long as it doesn’t affect their bottom line but with a Smash it service, it’s a win/win situation. Companies can both save money and simultaneously be a positive force toward protecting the environment. And don’t think that consumers do not notice. With the rise of social media, in particular, up to 87 percent of consumers are looking for ways to be eco-friendly and sustainable, with up to 83 percent of people participating in recycling. And customers tend to reward environmentally-friendly businesses with their patronage. So again, with Smash It services, it’s a win/win situation with consumers as well. And the word does get out about your contribution to a more sustainable environment.

Safety and time

Another advantage of a Smash It service is saving not only time but the safety of your employees. Many employees have been injured by claiming into trash dumpsters trying to compact a dumpster with their feet. In addition, with Smash It, your trash is regularly compacted for you so that your employees spend a minimal amount of time concentrating on your waste.

The bottom line

There are many advantages to a smash-it service, particularly financial, but also safety-wise, and being environmentally conscious. You owe it yourself to get a free company demonstration by calling them at 305.908.3839.

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