Learn How to Save Money On Waste Management in Miami | Smash-It | Open Top Container Compaction Miami
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Learn How to Save Money On Waste Management in Miami

Smash it reduces your trash management costs | smash-it | open top container compaction miami

Learn How to Save Money On Waste Management in Miami

Managing Waste by Compacting
Compacting waste is not a service reserved for big companies. Some machines are designed to handle smaller amounts of waste materials if needed. Compaction is the most effective way of dealing with trash and materials from different industries. The benefits of compacting waste include reduced labor costs and improved efficiency. Compacting waste reduces the volume of solid waste by reducing bulky material into smaller portions. This method of waste and disposal management is safe and sanitary. It is the best way to dispose of items that can be toxic or hazardous such as food products and pharmaceutical waste. Compacted materials will also take up less space in landfills leaving room for safe disposal of waste in the future. Because compact waste takes up less space, fewer landfills need to be created in the future. If waste was not compacted before disposal it would make huge waste mountains that would not be aesthetically pleasing. Storing compacted waste in landfills presents a more aesthetic look compared to the former.

Compacting materials creates jobs for the people running the machinery. The potential revenue streams generated from the compact waste industry go towards improving the lives of many employees. Management can use materials like cardboard and plastic and sell them to generate more income for the company. In addition, compacting has enhanced the waste and disposal management strategy by making it easier to conduct waste audits.

The Benefits of Proper Waste and recycling Management

1. Saves Money
Smash-it specializes in crushing waste to reduce the volume and size by over a half. Imagine if the contents of your outdoor dumpster could be shrunk by half. You would only need to dispose of the contents half as many times as you did before. Fewer trips save money on fuel and manpower.

2. Reduces Carbon Emissions
If you make two fewer trips you are doing the environment a great favor by reducing carbon emission. Carbon emissions or greenhouse gasses are the leading cause of climate change today. Greenhouse gases are also produced when waste is torched in landfills further impacting the environment. The best way to reduce the impact that the day-to-day waste has on the environment is to reduce carbon emissions by cutting the number of hauls you make.

3. Frees Up Space
Smash-it Waste and disposal management involves compacting waste into smaller units that are easier to store and handle. Compacted units occupy less pace, leaving free space for alternative uses. Freed space also adds an aesthetic feel to an area making the environment more attractive and healthy.

4. Better Recycling of Materials
If we reduce the use of new materials in manufacturing by re-using materials recycled from the waste we save energy, money, and the environment. Organic materials are placed in compost piles to fertilize the soil while other recyclable materials are put to use in manufacturing. Recycling materials reduce waste output and preserve the environment.

Proper waste management helps improve air and water quality. Poor quality air has been associated with respiratory illnesses that can be fatal over time. The risk is higher for younger children and older citizens.

Better recycling practices also help preserves soil integrity. Getting professional help with waste helps conserve natural resources in the soil and water. Important minerals in the soil and water help support both flora and fauna sustaining a healthy balance. Good soil and water also affect the kind of wood we use to build.

On the Flipside
Improper waste disposal directly affects our health and the health of wildlife. Poorly disposed materials make the perfect breeding ground for bacteria and other harmful organisms. Leaving waste lying around can cause toxic substances to leak into the soil causing health issues for people living around the area.

Waste has the potential to put a chokehold on development and growth anywhere in the world. Miami citizens do not need to worry though because Smash-It services solve waste and disposal management issues effectively. Smash-it saves money by reducing hauls and saves the environment by reducing your carbon footprint and greenhouse emissions. Most clients also find it fun and even therapeutic to watch pesky trash get crushed and compacted into manageable sizes. Of course, they watch from a safe distance for their safety. Employees are especially appreciative of the technique because it reduces and in some cases eliminates the risk of injury when handling the waste materials. Employees also have an easier time at work because the equipment is easy and efficient. Compactors are quick and easy to use once everyone is well trained.

Let Professionals Handle Your Waste and Disposal Management Needs Today
Smash-it has been in this industry for over 11 years. The company has experience in the industry and uses innovative proprietary technology. If you are looking for on-site compaction of open-top containers, then Smash-it is the company for the job. Open top containers are largely used in Miami-Dade for waste disposal and provide the perfect containment unit for smash-it to compact your trash. Clients have in many occasions commended Smash-it as the best top container reduction company in Miami-Dade County. Clients have also commented on the friendly customer service received and the high-quality results achieved. If you are looking for a compacting company to get your waste trimmed down to size in Miami give Smash-it a call today. The company prides itself in timely response to the client’s needs. Once you give us a call we will respond in no time by sending our highly trained team of engineers to assess the waste situation. Once the engineers are done they will provide you with a free quotation and work can begin as soon as you are ready. Once the job is done you will have a ton of free space that can go towards other uses.

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