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Author: Smash It Miami

Dumpster rental in Miami is one of the best ways to save money while helping to protect the environment. This is especially true for rental services that use mobile Smash-It technology. However, there are ways to get even more out of your dumpster rentals if you’re smart about it. Let’s take a look at 8 tips that will help you to make dumpster rental an even more profitable facet of your business.

1. Ask About Compliance Laws

Your dumpster rental company will be aware of all of the compliance laws that they need to follow. Even so, there may be some steps that you as an employer need to take as well regarding waste management. When first contacting a waste disposal service, it is always a good idea to ask if there are any specific laws, rules, or regulations that you need to take care of on your end. This can help you to avoid fines and penalties. If you’re already up to date on these regulations, make sure that you review them every so often as they are subject to change.

2. Choose Smart Positioning

Where you position your rental dumpster can have a big impact on how efficiently you’re able to dispose of waste. Obviously the closer you can get it to the job site the better so that waste will have less distance to travel to be disposed of. However, there can be rules, safety concerns, and other factors that dictate how close it can be.

Another factor that often gets forgotten is that you need to keep the path to the rental dumpster clear. This will allow for quick and easy transport of waste to the dumpster. It will also cut down on the chances of an accident happening which can result from a cluttered area leading to, or around the dumpster itself.

3. Use Smash-It Technology

Traditional dumpster rental isn’t efficient. This is because no matter how much debris is put into the dumpster, it is still transporting mostly air. This leads to greater costs on your part, which in turn means a lower ROI. However, Smash-It technology can fix this.

Smash-It is a mobile waste disposal technology patented by the South Florida mobile compaction service which also goes by the name Smash-It. Using a massive grinder, Smash-It can break down and compact the debris inside the container, allowing you to fit more into it. This improves efficiency, helps protect the environment, and saves you money.

4. Leave the Dumpster Door Open for a While

One simple mistake that a lot of businesses make when it comes to dumpster rental is keeping the container’s door closed and throwing debris over the top. Most containers come with a side door that can be opened, allowing debris to be pushed, pulled, or carried inside. There will of course come a time when there is so much debris in the dumpster that it needs to be closed, but until then, it’s easier and safer to just leave the door open.

5. Smart Debris Placement

Once it gets to the point that a dumpster is full, items will need to be placed in it in a way that fits in as many as possible. Using a short ladder or step stool to see over the edge of the dumpster so that you can decide what needs to go where is a good idea, and will help you to fit in as many objects as possible.

If you’re waste management company uses compaction technology, like Smash-It, then this is less of an issue. Since the debris will be getting compacted regularly to make room for more stuff, worrying about placement is much less necessary.

6. Breakdown Items Before Putting Them In

If you’re not using a dumpster rental company that uses a compactor device, then you may need to break down the items yourself as best you can before throwing them in. This will help you to save as much space, and pack in as much debris as possible, avoiding multiple trips. While this may be more time-consuming upfront, it will likely save your time in the long run.

Also, consider the fact that breaking down items may require a variety of tools since nails may have to be removed, screws unscrewed, and more. Make sure you have the right tools for the job before you begin breaking things down or you may find yourself scrambling to find the right tools as you go along which is a huge waste of time.

7. Load Your Container Evenly

While most containers are built with stability in mind. That said, they can become unstable if loaded incorrectly. This is especially true of larger objects, though smaller objects can add up to create an instability issue.

To fix this problem, make sure that all items being loaded into the dumpster are done so with stability in mind. As a general rule, heavier items should go on the bottom, while lighter items go on top. This takes a little extra effort but is worth it for safety reasons.

It should also be mentioned that if your dumpster rental company uses compactor technology like Smash-It, this problem is much less of an issue. This is because the weight of the debris is evened out when it is compacted and ground up into smaller pieces. This can save you time, and give you added peace of mind.

8. Do Not Overfill Your Dumpster

While it may be tempting to just keep throwing objects into your dumpster until literally nothing more will fit, this is usually a bad idea. Dumpsters come with a set capacity and going past that limit can be dangerous. Make sure you know what your dumpster’s capacity is, and don’t exceed it. If your waste management company uses a compactor, then the capacity is likely to be much higher than if they don’t.

Be Smart and Stay Safe

When it comes to dumpster rental, a little bit of thought goes a long way. Make sure you understand all the regulations you need to follow, and always put safety above all else. Injured workers can be costly in more ways than one. Not only do injuries hurt productivity, but they can also lead to lawsuits or fines as well. Be smart, stay safe, and make sure that you hire a dumpster rental company that fulfills your needs.

Waste management concerning dumpsters is not exactly a cutting-edge news story that attracts national or local news attention. People just take dumpsters for granted. A company buys or leases a dumpster, fills it up, and then when it’s full they call to have the trash hauled away.It’s not exactly rocket science. But as this article will delineate, a local company, Smash-It, based in Miami,  is revolutionizing the on-site dumpster business. Local Miami businesses are finding that they can significantly cut their waste management by having their dumpsters compacted.Let’s delve into how Smash-It can save a local business a significant amount of money.


Significantly reduce the volume of the trash in your dumpsters.

Smash-It has revolutionary Smash-It machines that significantly reduce the volume in your trash. A trash container may be filled for example with a load full of pallets that are no longer functional or be filled with scrap lumber. However, while the total volume of waste may be large, a significant part of the structure of wood pallets or scrap lumber is pure air. There is a lot of air in the wood itself, and if you picture a pallet in your head, it’s quite easy to imagine how your dumpster is actually filled up with the surrounding space of a pallet. You are lucky if you get 20 dry pallets into a dumpster before it’s completely full. With one visit from a Smash-It truck, all of that empty space can be pulverized so that instead of throwing 20 pallets away before you call to have your dumpster trash hauled away. With plain dry wood, you could possibly reduce your total trash by up to 80 percent. Granted, no smash-it service can guarantee you 80 percent across the board, but even if some of your trash can only be reduced by 20 percent, you’ll save a significant amount of money.


Reduce the number of loads

Commercial waste companies typically charge by a set number to haul away your trash, or by the cubic yard, or a combination of the two. At one pickup per week, most companies are looking at a minimum of around $650, and if a company needs two pickups a week, the costs for that second pickup are not appreciably cheaper. With Smash-It, depending upon a companies needs, instead of one pickup a week or 4 per month, they may possibly reduce their total amount of pickups to one every other week. Obviously, it depends upon a companies needs, but it’s easy to see with Smash-It, how you’ll obviously need significantly fewer loads to clear your dumpsters out.


More savings

One of the ways that Smash-It can save you money is simply in needing fewer dumpsters. A 30-yard dumpster may cost a company $2,000 each, or even more if the dumpster is larger. Even if you rent, which most smaller companies do. According to a national dumpster renting service, the average cost to rent a 30-yard dumpster in the Dade County and Broward County areas costs from $550 to $650 per week, which can significantly add up. If you need to purchase or rent one less dumpster, the savings are notable.


Reduced carbon emissions

Everyone, including your customers, are paying attention to how you handle carbon emissions. The effects of global warming have already been felt in South Florida, with increased hurricanes, stronger rainstorms, and unseasonably warm weather. Companies have a responsibility to the community to help eliminate carbon emissions, and people do take notice of those who don’t help. Unfortunately, the trucks to haul waste are big contributors to carbon emissions, and until the day comes when electric rather than gas or diesel trucks are common, having to call a waste company to pick up a load contributes significantly to local carbon emissions. The formula is simplicity itself. Fewer loads equal fewer carbon emissions from the trucks that haul the loads.


Eliminate injuries related to trash management.

Many companies have found that trying to manage their trash is often a full-time job for one or two people. Every so often one or more employees jumps into the dumpster and attempts to pulverize the trash by hand. Not only is this quite inefficient, but more than a few companies have found that an employee, trying to hand-pulverize the trash, winds up getting injured. Sometimes, if they are lucky, the employee is only out for a few days, but sometimes the injuries can be extensive. And really, do you want to risk an employee’s injury by having them physically jump into a dumpster to make more room available?

Call Smash-It Service Miami today at 305.908.3839 to have them come to your site to demonstrate a demo of our services. Not only will you likely be impressed as to how easy we make it to manage your waste, but we’ll show you absolute proof of how we save many local companies money.

Reduce Trash Expenses by at least 20% with Smash-It Miami

Like it or not, waste management costs tend to be going up and up, and no matter how you try to reduce your trash expenses it just seems you are paying more and more. Is there a solution? Yes, and it’s called Smash It. If you are in Broward County or Dade County, you can save up to a minimum of 20 percent 80 and up to a full 80 percent disposing of your container waste.

So how exactly can Smash-It service reduce your waste expenses?

The vast majority of waste servicing companies charge in one of two different ways.

#1 By the number of haul-offs

A typical waste services haul in Florida may be as little as $350 to as much as $800. So the fewer trips your waste management hauling system has to make, the more that you save. But the plain fact is that a great deal of trash is merely wasted space. Say you have a dumpster full of broken and damaged wooden pallets. Overall, they do not weigh too much, but those pallets take up a lot of space in your dumpster quickly. With Smash-It Service Miami, we send a relatively low carbon truck to your site, and the trucks are equipped with special smash tools in order to crush those pallets into taking perhaps 20 percent of the dumpster space they took before crushing. As a consequence, a company that tends to fill their dumpsters up fast, for example, a construction company, can perhaps save up to three hauling expenses a week. And that’s serious money that can well be used elsewhere.

#2 By weight

The other means of charging is by the ton. You might think that since you are being charged by the ton, not by the trip, that your trash expenses are limited. But just as a dumpster filled with pallets takes up a lot of space, so there is a great deal of air within every object within your dumpster. By crushing all of your waste into sawdust or other biodegradables, you not only save money but your staff has to spend significantly less time managing space in your dumpsters.

A proven technology

One thing that potential customers ask about is whether Smash-It Miami is some kind of pie in the sky, new age environmental dream. And the answer is clearly no. Smash-IT has been in business since 2011, and its specially designed smash-it vehicles have been offering companies significant savings for many years. But don’t take our word for it. Smash-IT is happy to bring one of their vehicles to your operational site and provide an actual demonstration of how it works. And as part of their demonstration, the company will bring plenty of real-world statistics as to how your neighboring Florida companies have saved thousands per year on their waste using the companies technology. Whether you are in business in manufacturing, construction, medical, logistics or run waste management for a municipality, the company can save you money.

Saving the environment

For many companies, it’s not enough to save money on their waste services, important as saving money can be. But the words out that climate change and lowering CO2 emissions is vitally important, particularly in Florida. Most scientists and environmental experts believe that tropical storms are getting worse and worse in Florida and that rising temperatures will cause more inland flooding, the destruction of vital coral reefs, and an acceleration of the number of very unpleasant days. Most companies are on board to eliminate their CO2 creation as long as it doesn’t affect their bottom line but with a Smash it service, it’s a win/win situation. Companies can both save money and simultaneously be a positive force toward protecting the environment. And don’t think that consumers do not notice. With the rise of social media, in particular, up to 87 percent of consumers are looking for ways to be eco-friendly and sustainable, with up to 83 percent of people participating in recycling. And customers tend to reward environmentally-friendly businesses with their patronage. So again, with Smash It services, it’s a win/win situation with consumers as well. And the word does get out about your contribution to a more sustainable environment.

Safety and time

Another advantage of a Smash It service is saving not only time but the safety of your employees. Many employees have been injured by claiming into trash dumpsters trying to compact a dumpster with their feet. In addition, with Smash It, your trash is regularly compacted for you so that your employees spend a minimal amount of time concentrating on your waste.

The bottom line

There are many advantages to a smash-it service, particularly financial, but also safety-wise, and being environmentally conscious. You owe it yourself to get a free company demonstration by calling them at 305.908.3839.

Managing Waste by Compacting
Compacting waste is not a service reserved for big companies. Some machines are designed to handle smaller amounts of waste materials if needed. Compaction is the most effective way of dealing with trash and materials from different industries. The benefits of compacting waste include reduced labor costs and improved efficiency. Compacting waste reduces the volume of solid waste by reducing bulky material into smaller portions. This method of waste and disposal management is safe and sanitary. It is the best way to dispose of items that can be toxic or hazardous such as food products and pharmaceutical waste. Compacted materials will also take up less space in landfills leaving room for safe disposal of waste in the future. Because compact waste takes up less space, fewer landfills need to be created in the future. If waste was not compacted before disposal it would make huge waste mountains that would not be aesthetically pleasing. Storing compacted waste in landfills presents a more aesthetic look compared to the former.

Compacting materials creates jobs for the people running the machinery. The potential revenue streams generated from the compact waste industry go towards improving the lives of many employees. Management can use materials like cardboard and plastic and sell them to generate more income for the company. In addition, compacting has enhanced the waste and disposal management strategy by making it easier to conduct waste audits.

The Benefits of Proper Waste and recycling Management

1. Saves Money
Smash-it specializes in crushing waste to reduce the volume and size by over a half. Imagine if the contents of your outdoor dumpster could be shrunk by half. You would only need to dispose of the contents half as many times as you did before. Fewer trips save money on fuel and manpower.

2. Reduces Carbon Emissions
If you make two fewer trips you are doing the environment a great favor by reducing carbon emission. Carbon emissions or greenhouse gasses are the leading cause of climate change today. Greenhouse gases are also produced when waste is torched in landfills further impacting the environment. The best way to reduce the impact that the day-to-day waste has on the environment is to reduce carbon emissions by cutting the number of hauls you make.

3. Frees Up Space
Smash-it Waste and disposal management involves compacting waste into smaller units that are easier to store and handle. Compacted units occupy less pace, leaving free space for alternative uses. Freed space also adds an aesthetic feel to an area making the environment more attractive and healthy.

4. Better Recycling of Materials
If we reduce the use of new materials in manufacturing by re-using materials recycled from the waste we save energy, money, and the environment. Organic materials are placed in compost piles to fertilize the soil while other recyclable materials are put to use in manufacturing. Recycling materials reduce waste output and preserve the environment.

Proper waste management helps improve air and water quality. Poor quality air has been associated with respiratory illnesses that can be fatal over time. The risk is higher for younger children and older citizens.

Better recycling practices also help preserves soil integrity. Getting professional help with waste helps conserve natural resources in the soil and water. Important minerals in the soil and water help support both flora and fauna sustaining a healthy balance. Good soil and water also affect the kind of wood we use to build.

On the Flipside
Improper waste disposal directly affects our health and the health of wildlife. Poorly disposed materials make the perfect breeding ground for bacteria and other harmful organisms. Leaving waste lying around can cause toxic substances to leak into the soil causing health issues for people living around the area.

Waste has the potential to put a chokehold on development and growth anywhere in the world. Miami citizens do not need to worry though because Smash-It services solve waste and disposal management issues effectively. Smash-it saves money by reducing hauls and saves the environment by reducing your carbon footprint and greenhouse emissions. Most clients also find it fun and even therapeutic to watch pesky trash get crushed and compacted into manageable sizes. Of course, they watch from a safe distance for their safety. Employees are especially appreciative of the technique because it reduces and in some cases eliminates the risk of injury when handling the waste materials. Employees also have an easier time at work because the equipment is easy and efficient. Compactors are quick and easy to use once everyone is well trained.

Let Professionals Handle Your Waste and Disposal Management Needs Today
Smash-it has been in this industry for over 11 years. The company has experience in the industry and uses innovative proprietary technology. If you are looking for on-site compaction of open-top containers, then Smash-it is the company for the job. Open top containers are largely used in Miami-Dade for waste disposal and provide the perfect containment unit for smash-it to compact your trash. Clients have in many occasions commended Smash-it as the best top container reduction company in Miami-Dade County. Clients have also commented on the friendly customer service received and the high-quality results achieved. If you are looking for a compacting company to get your waste trimmed down to size in Miami give Smash-it a call today. The company prides itself in timely response to the client’s needs. Once you give us a call we will respond in no time by sending our highly trained team of engineers to assess the waste situation. Once the engineers are done they will provide you with a free quotation and work can begin as soon as you are ready. Once the job is done you will have a ton of free space that can go towards other uses.

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