Compact your onsite dumpsters for significant savings with Smash-It Service Miami | Smash-It | Open Top Container Compaction Miami
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Compact your onsite dumpsters for significant savings with Smash-It Service Miami

Compact your onsite dumpsters for significant savings with smash it miami | smash-it | open top container compaction miami

Compact your onsite dumpsters for significant savings with Smash-It Service Miami

Waste management concerning dumpsters is not exactly a cutting-edge news story that attracts national or local news attention. People just take dumpsters for granted. A company buys or leases a dumpster, fills it up, and then when it’s full they call to have the trash hauled away.It’s not exactly rocket science. But as this article will delineate, a local company, Smash-It, based in Miami,  is revolutionizing the on-site dumpster business. Local Miami businesses are finding that they can significantly cut their waste management by having their dumpsters compacted.Let’s delve into how Smash-It can save a local business a significant amount of money.


Significantly reduce the volume of the trash in your dumpsters.

Smash-It has revolutionary Smash-It machines that significantly reduce the volume in your trash. A trash container may be filled for example with a load full of pallets that are no longer functional or be filled with scrap lumber. However, while the total volume of waste may be large, a significant part of the structure of wood pallets or scrap lumber is pure air. There is a lot of air in the wood itself, and if you picture a pallet in your head, it’s quite easy to imagine how your dumpster is actually filled up with the surrounding space of a pallet. You are lucky if you get 20 dry pallets into a dumpster before it’s completely full. With one visit from a Smash-It truck, all of that empty space can be pulverized so that instead of throwing 20 pallets away before you call to have your dumpster trash hauled away. With plain dry wood, you could possibly reduce your total trash by up to 80 percent. Granted, no smash-it service can guarantee you 80 percent across the board, but even if some of your trash can only be reduced by 20 percent, you’ll save a significant amount of money.


Reduce the number of loads

Commercial waste companies typically charge by a set number to haul away your trash, or by the cubic yard, or a combination of the two. At one pickup per week, most companies are looking at a minimum of around $650, and if a company needs two pickups a week, the costs for that second pickup are not appreciably cheaper. With Smash-It, depending upon a companies needs, instead of one pickup a week or 4 per month, they may possibly reduce their total amount of pickups to one every other week. Obviously, it depends upon a companies needs, but it’s easy to see with Smash-It, how you’ll obviously need significantly fewer loads to clear your dumpsters out.


More savings

One of the ways that Smash-It can save you money is simply in needing fewer dumpsters. A 30-yard dumpster may cost a company $2,000 each, or even more if the dumpster is larger. Even if you rent, which most smaller companies do. According to a national dumpster renting service, the average cost to rent a 30-yard dumpster in the Dade County and Broward County areas costs from $550 to $650 per week, which can significantly add up. If you need to purchase or rent one less dumpster, the savings are notable.


Reduced carbon emissions

Everyone, including your customers, are paying attention to how you handle carbon emissions. The effects of global warming have already been felt in South Florida, with increased hurricanes, stronger rainstorms, and unseasonably warm weather. Companies have a responsibility to the community to help eliminate carbon emissions, and people do take notice of those who don’t help. Unfortunately, the trucks to haul waste are big contributors to carbon emissions, and until the day comes when electric rather than gas or diesel trucks are common, having to call a waste company to pick up a load contributes significantly to local carbon emissions. The formula is simplicity itself. Fewer loads equal fewer carbon emissions from the trucks that haul the loads.


Eliminate injuries related to trash management.

Many companies have found that trying to manage their trash is often a full-time job for one or two people. Every so often one or more employees jumps into the dumpster and attempts to pulverize the trash by hand. Not only is this quite inefficient, but more than a few companies have found that an employee, trying to hand-pulverize the trash, winds up getting injured. Sometimes, if they are lucky, the employee is only out for a few days, but sometimes the injuries can be extensive. And really, do you want to risk an employee’s injury by having them physically jump into a dumpster to make more room available?

Call Smash-It Service Miami today at 305.908.3839 to have them come to your site to demonstrate a demo of our services. Not only will you likely be impressed as to how easy we make it to manage your waste, but we’ll show you absolute proof of how we save many local companies money.

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