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8 Tips to Take Full Advantage of Your Dumpster Rentals

Dumpster rentals miami | smash-it | open top container compaction miami

8 Tips to Take Full Advantage of Your Dumpster Rentals

Dumpster rental in Miami is one of the best ways to save money while helping to protect the environment. This is especially true for rental services that use mobile Smash-It technology. However, there are ways to get even more out of your dumpster rentals if you’re smart about it. Let’s take a look at 8 tips that will help you to make dumpster rental an even more profitable facet of your business.

1. Ask About Compliance Laws

Your dumpster rental company will be aware of all of the compliance laws that they need to follow. Even so, there may be some steps that you as an employer need to take as well regarding waste management. When first contacting a waste disposal service, it is always a good idea to ask if there are any specific laws, rules, or regulations that you need to take care of on your end. This can help you to avoid fines and penalties. If you’re already up to date on these regulations, make sure that you review them every so often as they are subject to change.

2. Choose Smart Positioning

Where you position your rental dumpster can have a big impact on how efficiently you’re able to dispose of waste. Obviously the closer you can get it to the job site the better so that waste will have less distance to travel to be disposed of. However, there can be rules, safety concerns, and other factors that dictate how close it can be.

Another factor that often gets forgotten is that you need to keep the path to the rental dumpster clear. This will allow for quick and easy transport of waste to the dumpster. It will also cut down on the chances of an accident happening which can result from a cluttered area leading to, or around the dumpster itself.

3. Use Smash-It Technology

Traditional dumpster rental isn’t efficient. This is because no matter how much debris is put into the dumpster, it is still transporting mostly air. This leads to greater costs on your part, which in turn means a lower ROI. However, Smash-It technology can fix this.

Smash-It is a mobile waste disposal technology patented by the South Florida mobile compaction service which also goes by the name Smash-It. Using a massive grinder, Smash-It can break down and compact the debris inside the container, allowing you to fit more into it. This improves efficiency, helps protect the environment, and saves you money.

4. Leave the Dumpster Door Open for a While

One simple mistake that a lot of businesses make when it comes to dumpster rental is keeping the container’s door closed and throwing debris over the top. Most containers come with a side door that can be opened, allowing debris to be pushed, pulled, or carried inside. There will of course come a time when there is so much debris in the dumpster that it needs to be closed, but until then, it’s easier and safer to just leave the door open.

5. Smart Debris Placement

Once it gets to the point that a dumpster is full, items will need to be placed in it in a way that fits in as many as possible. Using a short ladder or step stool to see over the edge of the dumpster so that you can decide what needs to go where is a good idea, and will help you to fit in as many objects as possible.

If you’re waste management company uses compaction technology, like Smash-It, then this is less of an issue. Since the debris will be getting compacted regularly to make room for more stuff, worrying about placement is much less necessary.

6. Breakdown Items Before Putting Them In

If you’re not using a dumpster rental company that uses a compactor device, then you may need to break down the items yourself as best you can before throwing them in. This will help you to save as much space, and pack in as much debris as possible, avoiding multiple trips. While this may be more time-consuming upfront, it will likely save your time in the long run.

Also, consider the fact that breaking down items may require a variety of tools since nails may have to be removed, screws unscrewed, and more. Make sure you have the right tools for the job before you begin breaking things down or you may find yourself scrambling to find the right tools as you go along which is a huge waste of time.

7. Load Your Container Evenly

While most containers are built with stability in mind. That said, they can become unstable if loaded incorrectly. This is especially true of larger objects, though smaller objects can add up to create an instability issue.

To fix this problem, make sure that all items being loaded into the dumpster are done so with stability in mind. As a general rule, heavier items should go on the bottom, while lighter items go on top. This takes a little extra effort but is worth it for safety reasons.

It should also be mentioned that if your dumpster rental company uses compactor technology like Smash-It, this problem is much less of an issue. This is because the weight of the debris is evened out when it is compacted and ground up into smaller pieces. This can save you time, and give you added peace of mind.

8. Do Not Overfill Your Dumpster

While it may be tempting to just keep throwing objects into your dumpster until literally nothing more will fit, this is usually a bad idea. Dumpsters come with a set capacity and going past that limit can be dangerous. Make sure you know what your dumpster’s capacity is, and don’t exceed it. If your waste management company uses a compactor, then the capacity is likely to be much higher than if they don’t.

Be Smart and Stay Safe

When it comes to dumpster rental, a little bit of thought goes a long way. Make sure you understand all the regulations you need to follow, and always put safety above all else. Injured workers can be costly in more ways than one. Not only do injuries hurt productivity, but they can also lead to lawsuits or fines as well. Be smart, stay safe, and make sure that you hire a dumpster rental company that fulfills your needs.

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