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Wood Scraps Waste Compaction Miami

Wood Scraps Waste Compaction Services

Getting rid of waste on your property can be challenging. If you have trees to trim and wood to haul off, you may wind up paying for several dump runs that are mostly air; branches may not want to settle down and you may not be in a good place to bring in a chipper.

Smashing Vs. Cutting

Unless you plan to use the wood or have a need for a lot of mulch, getting your excess wood trimmings smashed and compacted for dumping makes a lot more sense. One of the best things about crushing wood trimming that need to be gotten rid of is that this action will break up the wood fibers. Once the wood fibers break up, the moisture will start to release and the wood will be lighter to dispose of. If you have a dumping company that will allow you to get rid of green waste, this wood will be easier to mulch down as green waste.


Save Time, Save Space

As noted above, compressed wood is easier to dispose of and will save money on dumping fees. Smashing wood waste will also save fuel; often, the fuel you burn to dump any green waste is inherent in hauling the weight of the truck and trailer. Breaking down wood waste can be made easier with a

  • wood chipper
  • small chainsaw
  • time and elbow grease

However, if you’re not going to use the smaller pieces of wood or the mulch, the time and effort of reducing a tree or large branch into something smaller and more manageable is a waste of your resources.


Getting Rid of Invasive Species

There are many trees that have been introduced in the state of Florida that do not work or play well with the native species. You may not want to try to chip or compost wood from invasive species; in the time needed to break down those plant materials, you may actually be fostering new growth from seed. When you’re ready to get wood left over from the removal of an invasive tree, the crushing and destruction of any scrap wood can make hauling it off much faster.


Processed Woods

In addition to getting help with green waste compaction in Miami, you can get help smashing and hauling away scrap woods that have already been processed. For example, if you have had a building project completed recently, you may have small scraps of lumber to be discarded. If you were using pallets to store products outside, these may have started to rust or break down and need discarding. Rather than risking handling processed woods that may contain metal shavings, old nails or toxic adhesives, hiring someone to smash it can save you time and health hazards. Old pallets in particular are often cited as a source of free lumber for some building projects. While this is technically true, this lumber can also lead to filthy splinters, rusty cuts and other health risks. Unless you are extremely skilled at taking apart scrap wood, pallets can be dangerous. If you have to have the wood, it may be worth the risk, but as a hobby, you may be better off getting old wood smashed and hauled off. The professionals at Smash-It are highly skilled at the safest way to crush and compact a wide variety of materials. Scrap wood will not take them long. Whether you’re getting rid of green waste or processed lumber that has to go, contact them online or give them a call at 305-908-3839.

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