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Industrial waste compaction Miami

Smash-It Industrial Waste Compaction Miami

Industrial waste, by definition, is any product rendered useless by the manufacturing process. Because manufacturing can include any product that goes from raw good to finished product for large-scale distribution, industrial waste can include products from metal to wood to food as well as chemicals that are considered safe for open discarding.

Why Compact?

One of the biggest benefits of waste compaction at your Miami business is that you will pay for fewer dump hauling sessions. A dumpster that is full of loose product will need to be emptied before your processing can continue to use it. A compacted dumpster will not need to be picked up, hauled off and returned nearly as often as a loose dumpster.


How We Work

Our skilled Smash-It technicians will come to your site as needed or on a regular schedule and address the volume of trash in your dumpster. Because industrial waste can be both ground and compressed, your hauling fees could be reduced by up to 40% thanks to our service.

Access Concerns

Our drivers will need to get close enough to your dumpsters to extend the smashing arm out over the dumpster. Our operator will be working from the truck bed and will need to be able to see across the top of the dumpster for safe smashing. If you notice your dumpster getting close to full, please contact us to avoid any hazards.


What Can We Smash?

Our tool can smash trash from construction to medical. If part of your process includes food waste, wood or other biological products, please check local ordinances to make sure that smashing your dumpster contents will not cause a problem with local authorities.


Flexibility is Our Byword

We understand that you can only produce as the orders come in. We get that there are weeks when your dumpster will be very busy. Our services offer you the chance to set up a regular compaction schedule, or you can call us when you need us. We do ask that you make sure we have access to the front of the dumpster at the agreed upon time to keep everything running on schedule.


How Does it Work?

Our trash-smashing roller applies pressure on top of the garbage. If you have ever needed to take out the trash at home and found you could make room by squashing it, you understand the process. However, our tool also comes with chopping blades on the roller that bust up the material to be smashed to increase the efficiency of the whole process.


We Come to You

If your business needs to do a separate project in a bigger building, we can still come smash your trash. If you have to go on-site to build something in place in a new facility, we can support your projects. Because our rolling tool can go anywhere a full-sized truck can go, hiring Smash-It to lower dumping fees and frequency is a terrific choice that will speed up your manufacturing processes.


Don’t Pay to Dump Air

Instead of losing time waiting for a new dumpster while a hauling truck carries away a trash bin that’s full of air, call us. You can make your entire trash-dumping process much more efficient and reduce your hauling expenses, freeing up more money to build your business.

Schedules have been hard to keep due to recent world events. If your manufacturing schedule has faced some ups and downs, having access to Smash-It’s compaction tool can greatly lower your trash fees. We are happy to work with your schedule and adjust as needed. Contact us online or call us at 305-908-3839 for more information.

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