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Commercial Waste Compaction Miami

Commercial Waste Compaction Services Miami

Waste compaction, a process that reduces the size of the garbage, especially has benefits for commercial businesses. The machine crushes the waste material into a smaller volume to lower how much space it takes up in landfills. For commercial businesses, they don’t need as many hauls for garbage service. At Smash It, our clients reported saving an estimated 20 percent on garbage service. Let’s have a look at the other benefits.

Discourages Scavengers

This benefit especially applies to wet waste because it has the potential to attract squirrels, raccoons, insects and rodents to your container. A commercial trash compactor lowers the danger of fire, and it controls unpleasant odors from waste and food products. That improves safety.


Saves Labor

You can designate the compactor to a convenient location to save on the amount of labor required to dispose of trash. For example, employees don’t need to take the garbage outside. You can put the compactor in one central location or in several locations to make the disposal of waste much easier.


Prevents Windblown Trash

Lightweight garbage is particularly vulnerable to the wind blowing it around the area. This can make your business look less appealing to customers, and it contributes trash to the environment. Since the windiest parts of the year in Miami last for 7.4 months from October 5th to May 18th, you want to take active measures to keep the garbage from getting blown around the neighborhood. Commercial trash compaction helps you to avoid this problem. Especially when you seal the garbage in a protective bin like a compactor, you experience fewer complaints of a messy bin area. Keeping your business image in good standing also depends on keeping your area looking good.


What Businesses Could Use Commercial Trash Compaction?

Several commercial industries could benefit from using commercial trash compaction, but some of the ones that will especially do well include:

  • Supermarkets
  • Department stores
  • Hospitals
  • Restaurants
  • Shopping malls
  • Shopping centers
  • Hotels
  • Resorts

You will compact and compress garbage with a commercial trash compactor. Even liquid waste and moisture get handled in a commercial trash compactor.


Commercial Trash Compactors and What They Do

Commercial trash compactors and industrial trash compactors share a few commonalities in that they process non-recyclable materials. You load the garbage into the input chamber to subject the garbage to an astounding level of pressure. Once the waste gets compacted, much of it gets eliminated. Handle and transport the garbage more easily with this method. To see further benefits from reduced labor and costs, you can request a compactor with an automatic load facility.


Improve Your Efficiency

Trash compactors improve the efficiency of your business by lowering the number of trips to empty the container. You will lower this from 15 to 20 down to one trip. Productivity shoots up and the chance of mysterious inventory losses don’t happen as frequently. Because compacted trash uses a handcart to transport it, it eliminates the need for heavy physical lifting. At the same time, safety improves because you don’t need to wear protective gear.


More Effective Use of Your Space

Compacted trash will occupy 1/8th to 1/10th of the physical space for bins and storage areas. This frees up your loading dock and facility to make more effective use out of the facility. Some customers report lowering the garbage volume by as much as 50 to 90 percent with a commercial trash compactor. Even the bulkiest waste materials will drastically lower in volume when you compact them.


How a Trash Compactor Cuts Operational Costs

Commercial trash compactors will cut down on your operational costs by doing several things that save cash. Most waste collection bases its prices on the container size, rather than by weight. Since this is the case, you can lower your volume by as much as 80 percent to hugely impact the cost on pickup day.

That shows you the most obvious reasons, but you should understand some of the other factors. For example, the payments made to a rental trash compactor company are 100 percent tax-deductible since it counts as a business expense. You will want to speak with a tax specialist ahead of time to know how to deduct it. Second, you see a rapid return on your investment from the money saved. Over time, a trash compactor pays for itself through the savings on garbage collection. Finally, it will also improve the security at your facility. You only need to empty a trash compactor one time compared to 15 to 20 times for regular collection services. Some businesses choose to empty their compactor during off-peak hours to improve productivity at the company.

The modern trash compactor is safe and easy to use. If you’d like to learn more about these services in Miami, contact Smash It. With zero-waste initiatives popping up around the country, limiting the commercial waste in landfills does matter for the environment. Not only does it save money, but it makes your business more efficient. Whatever trash problems you might be facing, we invite you to speak with our specialists who can help you to bring a commercial trash compactor on site. Maximize the value and squeeze the most from your trash services.

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